Nacht der untoten

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It was later remastered and released as a part of the Hardened and Prestige Editions of Call of Duty: Black Opsas well as being available in the Rezurrection map pack.

Alongside being its own map, the structure of the building that the map is played in also has appearances in other Zombies maps. In World at Warthe playable faction is the Marines. This map features explosive Barrels outside the map, the Sniper Cabinet which costs per use, and it gives out a scoped Kar98k.

In Black Opsthe playable faction is Ultimis, and most of the features remain the same, with the exception that the Mystery Box now contains Cold War era weapons instead, as well as the Thundergun and Cymbal Monkeys. Carpenter power-up is featured. Zombies are a lot different such as the same models from Kino Der Toten.

Zombies will now attack players through the barricades as well as attempting to attack the player if they are close to them. There is a also musical easter egg that is featured by shooting three barrels. Der Wunderfizz and GobbleGums have been added in as well.

In World at Wara plane full of U. Marines was flying back to the United States of America, but it crashed for unknown reasons near an abandoned airfield which had been previously controlled by the Axis powers, more specifically the Nazis, during World War II. There were four survivors, who took shelter in the nearby bunker while the rest were killed by either the plane crash or Zombies.

The Marines then found weapons and then used them against endless hordes of Zombies until they were all killed. This map is canon to the RGS Timeline. Rook and the rest of the Marines fend off in the bunker against endless hordes of Zombies until they were all killed.

nacht der untoten

This map is canon to the iOS Timeline. The Monkey Bomb and Thundergun is also available from the box as well. Zombies models are used from Kino der Toten instead of the original models. They are also more aggressive and intelligent, they can now attack players through the barricade and will attempt to attack the player if they get closer to them.

Mule Kick is now available in the starting room. Nacht Der Untoten is also used to trap the Apothicon with a tesla ray from the upstairs balcony. Once each corruption engine is activated, the player must hold the Use button on the control panel when the Apothicon flies by to trap it in place. With all corruption engines powered and the Apothicon trapped, Nacht can be used as a short cut to any location on the map.

How to get the Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies Easter egg

In the Spawn Room, if three of the explosive barrels have been destroyed, the song " Undone " would play. This would only work in Black Ops. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. You thought they were dead. You were wrong.Naturally, you'll be joined by a host of undead enemies, too. When taking on waves of zombies it's best to call upon your pals for help, however you can try your luck solo.

Prepare for lots of backtracking, a twisting story, and plenty of opportunities to fail. Let's start at the beginning.

After spawning in the Yard, take out the zombies to earn points, and head over to the locked green door. Unlock the door to the Nacht Der Untoten building for points and head up the stairs. Run to the end of the Bedroom, towards the purple arrow, and plant an explosive for 1, points on the wall marked by the red cross on the left.

Make your way through the new doorway onto the Crash Site, running all the way to the end where you'll see another purple arrow painted on a rock.

Part with points to plant an explosive and clear the obstruction. Walk into Tunnel and head over to the doors on the left, where the Facility marker is. These doors will begin to open as you get closer to them. Clear the obstruction on the left side using points.

Run through the new doorway, down the stairs, and unlock the locked door for points.

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Head to the Power marker and fork over points. Walk over to the big red button and press F to turn the power on. Now it's time to stabilise the Accelerator. Walk back down into the main part of the Particle Accelerator room and head to each of the Terminal markers.

There's one on each side, but all you need to do is press F to activate each one. The surrounding terminals will turn green, and an anomaly will appear in the middle of the room, down a flight of steps. Ensure there are no zombies ambling around nearby and hold F to investigate the anomaly and enter the Dark Aether. After passing through a Doctor Who-esque sequence, you'll find yourself in the Dark Aether, which is a version of the same map with a heavy Stranger Things 'Upside-Down' vibe.

Run all the way back to the Aether Tunnel marker.

Nacht der Untoten

There's an obstruction on the way, so make sure you have points handy to plant an explosive. Walk over to the Aether Tunnel and spend a further points to travel to pass through.

You'll be transported into a room containing a machine part. Press F to collect it, then turn around and head through the doorway towards the Machine marker. You can reforge the machine by looking for the blue outline in the Particle Accelerator. The game forces you through another portal and you'll return to the normal version of the Particle Accelerator.

The 'Pack-A-Punch' machine lets you upgrade your weapons and equip ammo mods, but something this powerful comes with a hefty price tag. Here are the three Pack-A-Punch levels, and how much they cost:. If you're looking for the Call of Duty: Cold War Ray Gunnow's the time to hunt for some blue lights, and take part in a zombie disco. It's time to take on some big green zombies. You'll be notified that there are high levels of radiation in your vicinity, which indicates that you're about to take on a Megaton.

To save time later on, make your way to the Pond to take on this pest. Keep your distance from the Megaton as much as possible, and look for the tree with the Mutated Fungus growing on it. Stand next to the tree to entice the Megaton to attack by hurling green liquid at you. Once it touches the tree it'll turn the fungus bright purple.It was later remastered and released as a part of the Hardened and Prestige Editions of Call of Duty: Black Opsas well as being available in the Rezurrection map pack.

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Nacht was set to feature in the launch of Call of Duty: Mobileas during the the pre-alpha the map was featured but was cut from final release. It subsequently returned during the test server launch of the "Season 3 - Disavowed" updates on the iOS, Android and Gaerna Platformwhere it remained until the removal of the mode. Alongside being its own map, the structure of the building that the map is played in also has appearances in other Zombies maps.

Due to Nacht der Untoten being the first zombies map, it is relatively simple in comparison to most of its successor maps. It had only two utilities, as well as fewer wall weapon locations than later maps. However, these have all been important contributions to later maps. A more exclusive feature are Explosive Barrelswhich can be found outside the map, and will explode after being shot. Nacht der Untoten features a large variety of weapons. Like the other World at War maps, wall weapons are also available in the Mystery Box.

There are a total of eight weapons that can be bought off of the wall. In addition to many weapons featured, Nacht der Untoten includes the Ray Gunthe first in a series of Wonder Weapons. The Mystery Box can be found in the Help Room. At a cost of pointsthe player can spin the box to get a random weapon. The player could get anything from a wall weapon, to a submachine gun, to a shotgun, to a Ray Gun.

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If the player doesn't take the weapon in time, it will disappear after which the box's lid will close, allowing it to be used again for a cost points per use. Players often intentionally let some weapons disappear while looking for a more useful or suitable weapon. The Sniper Cabinet can be found upstairs, in the area of the Help Room. Unlike the Mystery Box, the player will automatically take the weapon, so it is advised to have the player's least wanted weapon out when they choose to use it.

Nacht der Untoten also debuted Power-Ups - drops from killed zombies that aid players when picked up. There are four power-ups that debuted in Nacht der Untoten.Because of this, Nacht der Untoten is highly regarded as more of a prototype for the rest of the mode to come, and includes a little amount of features and many exploits. To play the map, the World at War campaign must first be completed on any difficulty. A short cutscene will then play, followed by the title 'Nazi Zombies'. The map will then begin, taking place in an abandoned airfield bunker.

nacht der untoten

The players play as four unnamed soldiers as they make a last stand during the night. Nacht der Untoten set the bar for future maps, including basic features that will be used at later dates. The mystery box makes its appearence, purchasable for points and awarding the player with a random weapon; it could be a spare pistol to a wall weapon, or the most powerful weapon in the game.

The Ray Gun also makes its appearence as the saga's first and most notable Wonder Weapon, also available from the mystery box.

nacht der untoten

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For a similarly named Zombies map, see Kino der Toten.

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nacht der untoten

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Nacht Der Untoten is set in an old and destroyed bunker, where up to four players must defend against an unlimited number of waves of zombies for as long as possible. In Nacht der Untoten, the player s starts in the Starting Room, with a M, a knife, and two grenades. Each player starts out with points, and gain points by killing Zombies and rebuilding five barricades that Zombies can break trough to enter the building. Players are able to buy two weapons off the wall, the Kar98k and the M1A1 Carbine.

Players are able to open two doors, the Upstairs Room and the "Help" Room, both costing points. In the "Help" Room, players can buy the Mystery Box that costs points, and will grant the player a random weapon to their disposal. Player can also buy the Thompson and the Double-Barreled Shotgun off-wall.

From the "Help" Room, players can 'move' the debris blocking the staircase from entering the Upstaris Room for points. This can also be done in the Starting Room. Another utility, known as the Sniper Cabinet, can be bought for points, and will give the player a scoped Kar98k.

Nacht der Untoten, along with the other three classic Zombies maps, is available in the Hardened and Prestige Editions and the Rezurrection downloadable content of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The player s play as one of the four main characters of the Zombies Mode and are able to use the new weapons of Black Ops while still being able to use the weapons of the previous game. Zombies will now also reach through the barricades and attempt to attack the player if they stand right in front of them.

The musical Easter egg "Undone" can be activated in Call of Duty: Black Ops by shooting all the explosive barrels outside of the building. On September 27,Mule Kick was added to the map, and was also added to all other maps excluding Dead Ops Arcade. Located in the Starting Room, it is the only perk in the map. It contains all of the same features as the Call of Duty: World at War version.

It is located in a corn field. Denizens do not spawn inside the building or outside of the general area.

The entrance is the window to left of where the Kar98k used to be bought. The "Help" Room is blocked by debris and the stairs have collapsed, making it only possible to stay in the starting room. A part for the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 Jet Gun can be found in their, as well as a radio, which can also be found at the Diner's garage, for the major Easter egg.

The Starting Room has five windows that can be boarded up. It is the largest and most open room on the map.

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The first is the door to the right of the largest window and has the word "Help" written on it. It leads in to the "Help Room". The other path is through the pile of debris located towards the stairs at the center of the room, this path leads upstairs.

The Help Room has two windows and a wall that leads into a dead-end cave that can be boarded up. The only path leading away from this room aside from the "Help" door is the debris blocking the path to the upstairs room. The Upstairs Room has four barricade and a slight elevation advantage.

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