Laurence tavernier france

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Laurence Tavernier

See conditions. SALE Up to. The pioneering loungewear brand, Laurence Tavernier, places great importance on luxe fabrics, soft styling, muted colors and characterful prints in its sophisticated loungewear and nightwear collections. Explore its elegant, comfortable pieces - wool and cashmere ponchos, nightwear, homewear, mules, and pajamas - at Place des Tendances. Free delivery.

Product view. Fault New in Price low to high Price high to low Discount. Product family. New from. Load previous product. Quick shop. Cotton-blend openwork nightdress. Checked wool-mix poncho. Cotton pajama pants.

High-neck fleece sweatshirt. Cotton nightdress. Striped pajama pants.Have you ever noticed a French woman walking down the streets dressed so effortlessly and looks like ready to take in the whole world with confidence? The way she glides, walks and talks would make you wanna be that girl, too. And we cannot blame you, a woman with confidence and grace is definitely unbeatable.

She draws attention and radiates femininity. Well, French women take a serious picking when it comes to lingerie. If they wear something beautiful underneath her clothing, it will make her feel empowered which translates to confidence and mystique. French women value these type of garments and consider them as staples. A lot of lingerie brands will pop out of the French market to sell their unique and seductive pieces.

And if we are to trace a well-established lingerie Parisian brand today, Laurence Tavernier will definitely ring a bell. Laurence Tavernier was established in to create indoor and night garments for both men and women. The brand desires to provide luxe, sophistication, comfort and relaxation to every folks out there even if they are at home. The materials used in every piece incorporate softness, refinement, subtle colors and delicate texture — all these characterize perfect homewear for everyone.

The brand is driven to provide its clients with the most comfortable and the most elegant homewear that they can dress up and down where they can use outdoor and still manage to look like well-designed casual pieces.

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Aside from that, Laurence Tavernier is well-known for making lounge, beach and nightwear — all in wonderful designs and relaxed vibe.

Its years of creating comfy pieces extended to creating pyjamas, bed slippers, tunics, and ponchos. They come in soft palette, smooth materials and creative patterns, too. However, Laurence Tavernier iconic garment is the Poncho.

If you look at its website, Ponchos in different sizes, palette, fringes, and texture will be readily available for you to choose from. The fabric used in these ponchos combined luxe and subtleties that you might want to grab one, and stay home for long and feel the vibe of this poncho. At present, even if the brand has extended from nightwear up to beach wear, it still has the direction to incorporate chic, modern, and Parisian style to its every garment.

You would not be in any doubt that Laurence Tavernier will give you the best homewear in modern take and refined spirit you could ever imagined. You can definitely slip in to this garment, and feel soft and feminine all at the same time. You can choose from its collection of lingerie, night wear or simple pyjamas — and yes, have that Parisian luxe and style even at the comfort of your home.

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Maison Close. Simone Perele: Top Model Bodysuit.

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Simone Perele: Wish Garter Belt. Simone Perele: Wish Boyshort. Simone Perele: Wish Tanga. Simone Perele: Wish Bikini. Simone Perele: Caresse Molded Bodysuit. Lise Charmel. Bordelle: Kea Strap Thong. Bordelle: Kea Plunge Bra. Bordelle: Kea Thong. Bordelle: Kea Soft Cup Bra. Laurence Tavernier.

Laurence Tavernier: Quadrille Pajama. Laurence Tavernier: Coppelia Long Gown. Laurence Tavernier: Coppelia Pajama. Laurence Tavernier: Coppelia Long Robe.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

laurence tavernier france

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Castel by Yves Delorme. Entrechats by Laurence Tavernier. Essentiel uni by Laurence Tavernier. Coppelia by Laurence Tavernier. Gala by Laurence Tavernier. Ballet by Laurence Tavernier. Softy by Laurence Tavernier. Riviera by Yves Delorme. Escale by Yves Delorme. Divine by Yves Delorme. Calypso by Yves Delorme. Luna by Laurence Tavernier. Noa by Laurence Tavernier. Mila by Laurence Tavernier. Mistral by Laurence Tavernier.

Eclat by Laurence Tavernier. Yes, send me the newsletter Your email address Subscribe. Made of the finest materials such as cotton sateen, silk, and cashmere, Laurence Tavernier luxury lingerie and sleepwear offer fashion, comfort and quality in all seasons.

Close Success You have successfully added your selection to your cart!Nordic Visitor's travel package, itinerary, bookings for accommodations and optional activities was first rate. We had a wonderful experience.

Our drivers at pickup and drop off at the airport were excellent. I visited the office In Reykjavik near the end of our visit in order to thank Anita for assisting in the planning of our wonderful Iceland holiday.

She is a wonderful addition to your staff. Your itinerary, maps, suggestions, etc. Having a GPS also made finding everything, including hotels, very simple. Everything about the tour was perfect. It was great arriving at the airport and having someone their with everything we needed. Our overall experiences were great. Everything was well organized.

When ever anyone in our group had a question or concern our email was answered quickly.

Laurence Tavernier Women's Fashion

We were very impressed with our personal itinerary and all the materials provided upon arrival (especially the map with our highlighted route and personal notes). We were delighted with our accommodations, especially on the DFDS overnight ship from Copenhagen to Oslo. It made such a difference and the buffet was superb. Sofia really looked after us, the emails were detailed and friendly and she just made our holiday a pleasure.

Every night we asked ourselves "What does Sofia have for us tonight. We were very satisfied with our tour (8 days around Iceland). The group was a good size (16). Our tour guide, Alfred, was great and very knowledgeable.

All of the restaurants and hotels were acceptable. We got to see all of the major highlights and a few hidden things we wouldn't have found on our own. It was nice to have someone else drive and take care of logistics.

laurence tavernier france

We have just returned from a week's self touring holiday of Reykjavik and Southern Iceland, arranged through Nordic Visitor. From the moment I first contacted the company I knew I had chosen wisely. Their agent, Helga, was efficient, courteous, prompt with responses and very patient as we tweaked our trip.

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Her suggestions gave us a custom-made itinerary which took us to the best that Southern Iceland had to offer. After 2 nights in Reykjavik, we stayed at different hotels every night and they were all great. Granted a few didn't look much from the outside, but inside they were brilliant and we had the best rooms they had to offer.

laurence tavernier france

Our mid-way stop was at the Fosshotel Vatnajokull, near Hofn, and the view from the window was of three glaciers - awesome. If you are thinking of a holiday in Iceland then use Nordic Visitor and always ask for Helga - she was brilliant.A small bag of peanuts, almonds, or dried fruit are good options.

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laurence tavernier france

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